western style garments for the wedding

Press Release Bridal Trends February Trends Summer 2019 Couture Collection

Self Employed, British Trained
Designer who will do everything from Sketch to Final Gown.
Qualified with a BA Degree for Design and Clothing Manufacture. Internationally Recognised.
With 46 years of International Clothing Industry Experience.
Now Retired, I work alone and I am Offering Professionally Unique Hand Made Affordable Designer Gowns. western style garments for the wedding
Skillfully Made To Fit You Perfectly.
Locally Assembled Using
Quality Imported Cloth and Exquisite Trims.

Created By A South African
Gowns Made For An Local &
International Clientelle.

Order Your Own Unique One of a Kind Garment.
Following The Latest Couture Lines From The Ramps of The
Leading Designers.

E.C COUTURE Garments are
Worn by a Select Yet Private
Clientelle from Around the World.
The Designer & Celebrity or High Profile Clients,
Choose to remain publically
The Sought After Origin of Their Awe Inspiring Ensemblé
Kept A Secret.
An Image of Style Perfection & Elegance, Captured often by Attending Press,

My Clients have been Called
'The Most Admired Vision from Head to Toe, of Flawless Fashion PERFECTION.

It's A Glow, an Image 'THEY' Create.
Not The garment or the Designer.
Every Magical Moment of Attention, Is a recipe I will
Individually Mix for YOU Only.

Without You to wear it
The Sparkle doesn't ignite!
It requires Your Inner Glow to
Create a Dazzling Aura.
Without the 'Right Recipe for each Individual Client...

Visit E.C COUTURE Facebook Page link: https://www.facebook.com/EC-Couture-Englund-Haute-Couture-194024784649812/

To Book A Consultation Call
'DEREK E on +27 91 240 3137
Western Cape Province
South Africa.