wedding dresses for second marriages

I haven't shared much with any of you for quite some time but I'm sharing this! It's long, as usual when I speak of anything worth my time and this is worth the read if you love, LOVE!

This has to be one of my most privileged moments this year. What an Honor it has been to be the one person these two amazing people chose to unite them in marriage.
Gill Egann Oliver & Ashley Oliver you'll forever have a Very special space within my heart.
My most personal memories that I'll cherish forever are written below: (I'd like to see the video when you have time, better yet, a copy!)

The look Gill has when he sees his wife to be in her dress walking toward him, priceless! The emotions felt as Ashley's father gave her away, priceless! Do you see that huge smile that Brittney Bevins has on her face as he gives his babygirl away? That's priceless! I had the honor of having my daughter, Brittney, as my Maiden for this ceremony as well, again priceless!
The date was 11:11 their Wedding Day and Veterans Day!
(Anyone that knows me well, knows my love for Veterans and I won't even get into the numerology of this date and time of this wedding) back to the wedding...
All of our currently serving US Military Members and Veterans we asked to stand or step forward (two veterans were groomsmen, one of which was my son, Jace Floyd ) to be recognized. Now let me tell you, when I saw how many were standing in this space, it literally took my breath away. When I held up a miniature US Flag and stated "You may salute your flag." The energy felt as they saluted was absolutely mesmerizing and for a split second, I forgot that I was the one holding the flag and that I needed to release them from that salute to relax and be seated or step back into their previous positions! That was priceless for me! The overwhelming love that was felt by all of those joined to witness this union and surrounded by one of the most amazing Tree People was magnanimous and priceless! Opening this Sacred Space by calling in the Elements, Directions, Winds, The Divine Masculine & The Divine Feminine followed by a Blessing and Prayer. This energy was absolutely the most protected I've ever felt in my lifetime, again priceless! As I began the actual ceremony speaking about the "Flower of Life", the "Tree of Life", "Seeds and Family Roots", "Sacred Shapes", and special questions to ask in times of doubt ... I looked up and spotted my husband, Gary Floyd, seated in the back and tears flooded my eyes with the truth of all I was saying. I cried, I actually cried presiding this couple's wedding, again priceless! When Ashley and Gill publicly spoke their commitments to one another and exchanged rings; this was so sincere and precious and in some places funny! Again this is priceless! Ashley and Gill requested that the tradition of Handfasting be incorporated into their ceremony and of course, I made that happen. Each cord with a different vow, each cord binding their vows to one another. Once the cords and vows were completed, an Infinity Knot was tied binding their spirits together for as love shall last. I tied the first half of the knot and as they slid their hands out of the loop, grasping the cords as they went, they completed the second half of the knot, thereby making it the Infinity Knot! This portion of the ceremony was a bit more serious and had a powerful energy embedded within the entire Handfasting. Everything surrounding us went extra quiet and still, again potent and priceless! It was then that I pronounced this beautiful couple husband and wife. When I told Gill that he could kiss his lovely bride ?.?.?. There was a feeling of such love and utterly complete wholeness that anyone could almost touch it! Priceless! This energy totally filled this entire space and beyond! Introducing them for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Gill Oliver was the bombdiggity too, hehe. I loved All of everything, ALL OF IT! wedding dresses for second marriages
Thank you for reading and I hope you too can feel all that I've shared.
With Gratitude & Magical Blessings,
Shari Stailey-Floyd <3