wedding dress for big bust

Shopping online for wedding dresses is a very interesting thing. Of course, they're all photographed on gorgeous, stick-thin, 19-year-old models, doing things like running gleefully through a field of daisies, with just the perfect amount of breeze ~ enough to lightly catch the veil, without actually mussing the perfectly coifed hair. And the ads have descriptions that say odd things, like, "the perfect balance of demure and alluring".

Ugh. Now I have to be demure? I'm not sure I'm the kind of person who can pull off demure. Some women can pull off demure. They are not me. I don't think I looked a bit demure even when I was 19 and super thin. I don't think I would look demure even if I was running through a field of daisies in yards of white taffeta. Which, let's face it, I would not BE running, unless there was a big tiger right behind me, just off camera, who hadn't had his breakfast yet. There's a lovely picture, eh? "Oh, look! It's a big-busted redhead who looks like she's up to no good, running through a daisy patch in terror from a saber-tooth tiger she's probably been taunting. Doesn't she really strike the perfect balance of demure and alluring?" wedding dress for big bust

I dunno. Maybe it's all in the veil.