red carpet dresses for sale

amuel Sabastine Samuel
This is to inform all and sundry that with respect to this years Valentine celebration, the sabo deanary block Rosary crusade will be anchoring a relationship forum featuring relationship talk, dance display, music and lots more scheduled to be as follows. red carpet dresses for sale
Theme. -. A relationship that pleases
Sponsor-. Freedom and liberty FM.
Artist. -. Joe, DJ.gwin, sabi boyz,
Msg dancers etc.
Dress code- cooperate for male and
Dinner gown for Ladies.
Venue. - st peters Monaghan hall
Sabon tasha.
Time. -Red carpet 3:00 pm. And
Fully 5:00pm.
Date. - 25th February 2018.
Age limit. - 17 and above.
Serve yourself. Tickets are available for sales at just #500. To get yours please call 08176481976 or 08182684682. Don't miss out in this power packed program and see its influence in your relationship.
6 hrs ยท
Privacy: Public