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From both my birth experiences I've obtained a great deal of knowledge and helpful information. One didn't go so well, the other was an amazing unforgettable awakening. I want to bring light to "bad birth experiences" and what makes them so? If you're interested in hearing the reason I'm perusing a masters degree in nursing just keep reading on..

My first baby 7 years ago was unnecessarily induced 2 weeks early. The doctor said we were both great weight, you ready to have this baby? Completely dumbfounded and oblivious to the natural chain of labor and birth I accepted. I was admitted into the hospital on a Thursday evening at 3:00pm to be induced the following morning around 7:20. There I laid back on a bed while the doctor slid a long hooked device inside my cervix breaking my water. Now remember I laid on this bed for the next few hours unable to move because of all the monitors. He said if things don't progress well give you pitocin. (again.. I had no idea! I wasn't offered multiple opinions in my birth I was just asked one specific thing and not knowing anything, I accepted). I was given pitocin, contractions came in surges and they weren't bad and I could manage. The nurses and doctor suggested I get an I did. (They didn't even let me labor naturally they made it like I was breaking and had a medical need for their interventions). It didn't work, my body started shaking, I was sweating and nervous, my heart rate was all over and plummeting for no reason-or was there a reason. I could still feel every contraction. Come to find out the epidural was done wrong and they made a second attempt achieving their goal. I immediately started to vomit violently and the nurse plopped a bedpan on my chest. An hour has passed and I guess it was time.. I couldn't feel to push though they were telling me to. I was still vomiting and that was how I was pushing. I was working with the nurses they were watching my contractions on the monitor. All of a sudden my doctor comes in and I retracted. I've never felt so uncomfortable in my entire life. He kept telling me to push I'm crying and begging for help that I can't feel anything and I don't know what to do. He assisted my sons delivery by vacuum and forecep. He still has a scar on the top of his head. I tore and received stitches. (Or did he perform an episiotomy and I was just completely unaware at the time?) Awful experience.. I laid in that bed for another hour or so until the time came for the nurse to pull my catheter and told me to go use the restroom. My legs were like jello and my back was in intense pain, I stood up and all sorts of fluids hit the floor. I wasn't told to hold a pad or sheet or anything between my legs I didn't know that was going to happen. Standing there with my legs covered in blood and urine all I could do was cry. I had a healthy beautiful pregnancy and a healthy baby too. There was no need for ANY of this. With my second and most recent birth (my daughter Lillian now age 1) I obtained as much information as possible. I had a goal of ZERO medical intervention and achieved my goal! If you want to hear a beautiful positive birth story shoot me a message. I'd love to share. princess ball garments items for a prom party

That's why I'm currently training to become a certified doula while attending nursing school for my BSN then onto my Masters to study Midwifery. I'm offering support and extremely valuable information to pregnant women and offering birth photography to those interested in capturing their beautiful birth story. Providing these helpful services to you in return helps me obtain further experience and training in the field of nursing. If you are interested in these services please email me at

This is public, so you're free to share with fellow mothers that may have had a similar experience or of you are or know someone that's pregnant. Pregnancy and birth doesn't have to be scary! If you have a healthy pregnancy and mindset you should have a healthy and happy birth story. Don't let this happen to you! I am still deeply burdend by my first experience and it leaves me feeling guilty and ashamed. I've moved past the hurt and the fear I had and have built that power and energy into advocating for women and letting you know you have choices!..Actually you have MANY choices. You're not limited nor bound.