pregnancy wedding dresses

Practice smart sex. The same
practices that apply to sex at
other times apply during
pregnancy. If you have more
than one sexual partner or are at ...
risk of contracting an STI, be sure pregnancy wedding dresses
to use a condom each time you
have sex. Putting yourself at risk
of infection may put the baby at
risk as well.
Part Two of Two:
Having Comfortable Sex
Choose a position that makes it
easier for both of you. If you
and your partner are interested in
maintaining a healthy sexual
relationship during pregnancy,
then you must be wondering
what positions will work best for
you as your belly grows and
expands. The best thing you can
do during your pregnancy is keep
an open mind and be creative.
You'll probably need to try out
different positions and
experiment a bit to find
something that works for both of
you. [4]
Most women will find that it is
uncomfortable to enjoy sex in
a missionary position after
about the first or mid second
trimester, once the stomach
starts getting big. Try being
the one on top instead.
Many find that having
intercourse in a "spooning"
position is a very comfortable
way to have sex while
pregnant. [5]
Try sitting on a chair or on
the edge of the bed while
your partner kneels or stands.
Getting on your hands and
knees while your partner
enters from behind is
another position that works
for many.

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