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That invisible red mark over your head ain't fading away.
Is it a sniper over the roof or your fear over a uncertain mind play ?
So messy and blury ? Ain't it ?
That smell of skin itches over the tip of your red nose as you manage to rub it through the air.
That street lights over the highway seems more like a death race where you wish to get hit by a over speed vehicle but nothing comes your way.
Even the morphine over your left hand seems workless as the dose ain't working on you any more.
That sleeping pills over your table which been more like a popcorn is helpless too.
The whole fucking frame infront of you get's more saturated as you find your feet among the yellow divider line in the middle of the road and every 3 step holds back to the same yellow pattern. plus size mother of the bride dresses with jackets
Is it okey to feel this way ?
Well, you know the answer more than i do.
That plague over your head ain't normal as it haunts the word play across your mind.
What is it ?
Is it too bad or just casual ?
Where are these words coming from ?
Why you walking out on street like a zombie while you were meant to take a deep nap with your nose breathing in and out ?
Don't make sence ?
Well, it's unexplainable.
Your finger tips rolling over the screen can't help to stop it's motion and you just can't smile back.
Those big speed breaker over her chest ain't attractive no more as it's been placed by many hands before with same vibe and that skin ain't seductive anymore.
The whole screenplay mute's as the subtittle were unable to identify the contest going around.
What's your state of mind ?
Are you even normal or is it the whole pattern seems off beat ?
Why to take every small things in detail when you can just move your head to the right and walk away ?
The answer was never discovered.
Those faces which used to make your lips curve are fading it's presence and you seem so fine with your heavy breathe with nothing around.
The silence over the empty corners of street are screaming with hopes taking it's miracles to the end.
The end of the begining they say.
Well, they said it wide loud and clear with echo and only echo all over.
You are dressed and it gonna make sence with all non sence going around with your skin asking for more.
You will surely get near.
The better ain't always the best instead you were meant to get more further.
Way more beyond the imagination of these naked eyes.