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drink plenty of water . Professor Michael Farmer and Tony Irving ! made a visit to the little town try truth. and , hmmm deny the veracity of such a rock a day latter June 1st Farmer answered NO to the question is this for real ???????? 143 g. the drive from washington and tucson YAA ! suported the claim Mercury Meteorite !!!!! HEAVILY VAILED !!!!!! COLOR BLIND
Experts thanks for VERIFICATION . I thought i had it wrong ? no . Thanks for your support . ebay took page and photo off . not your dooing I know . I 'm new at this , sales lets make some money . Pro fessor Needing your letter of authinticity this rock Mercury ? Meteorite equal to Stefan Ralew Tony Irving wrote esay the rock #7325 was hot on the table in the Moroccan desert , @ $ 2,000. gram ya !!!!

Let me write clear . I claimed and posted for sale two great sized Mercury meteorites combined weight 143 g. price 25,000 usd and shipping $ 75,000. 9 persons watching. ebay removed listing. Tony irving and Michael farmer arrived and michael was angry ly caught in the act . A day later he Farmer , to : the meteorite group ; responded a big fat NO to if my add was legit his answer ____ was and is confirmed by his( the) traveling with none other than Anthony Irving of wASHINGTON UNIVERSITY May 31st just ask me for plates . and face . I have a fine memory !!!!!!! I'm seeking loan for travel , food and fun . there should be plenty . purchase Trade . have fun. pink color wedding bridal selections
I'm speaking to the university not . Morocco ! if you think right and helpful , Iran if your currency is good make trade . I'm willing. the professors call the green fussion crust . I disagree. I beg to differ . and suggest vein of olivine as gold vein this is where Meteorite separates !!!!! having most ! please add . I wouldn't mine going on air ..... for a fee. thank Heaven what chanel will choose to make a story all would . Mercury meteorites have a value above all others . they are pretty to women and beautiful amazingly beautiful to men. think 180 ? Lunar moon ) 80 mars ?
some metal ones they can make into knifes like king tutt ? or less put in the yard junk ? not really . Mercury all on their own one Ungrouped Achondrite ? $ ordering 100billion rials Iranian currency. you should to.

God Gave these to me
I wish them to be for sale for trade .

Maven Tenney