non white color items for wedding

Hello Dr. Becker. I have 2 boxers (both rescues). My older boxer Felice, about every week will start throwing up tons of white mucus. It lasts all day long and she won't eat or drink anything. I can tell she's miserable and there's really nothing I can do. At the end of the day, usually, she feels much better and is starving so I give her some chicken that I boil up for my dogs with some rice and she eats and is fine until the next time. Is this something that is a trait (pos non white color items for wedding ... sibly) with boxers because of their pug snout? My other boxer isn't as bad. But she can tend to have a bad tummy too. I usually boil up a whole chicken for about 3 or 4 hours, de-bone it and mix it in with their food daily - I feed Nutro dog food. Is that a bad thing? Sometimes I'll buy steak or lamb and because they won't really eat it raw, I cook it slightly and I'll mix it in with their food.

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