maroon color wears for bridesmaid

Good day mamas and papas, I'm a 29 year old lady and I got married as a virgin in November last year though I had a very challenging time wen I was disvirigined by my husband. As a single, I had regular monthly period of 4days on the 28th day. The first month after my wedding, my monthly period came on the 25th day. After this, the day ranges between 27 days and 29 days, but 10 days to the period I always feel heaviness in my breast coupled with pain but it ceases immediately maroon color wears for bridesmaid ... my period arrives. I had my last monthly period on d 3rd of April expecting my period to be 1st or 2nd of May. But I didn't feel the heaviness and pain in my breast as usual and I have been feeling nauseous and vomiting often. I did an home test yesterday and it came out negative. Today the 33rd day my period arrives and i'm still feeling nauseous. I need advice on what to do before visiting the hospital because I am TTC. Pls advice me

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