low-v backless cocktail party wears

My life is full of yesterdays, for tomorrow never knows, i 'spose.
Yesterday I was invited into the Hamer Hall at the Arts Centre to have a chat about the 'good ol' days' of Punk Rock and X. Having been briefed on the settings and of the tone and the colours of the set, I selected a suitable and complimentary outfit - white shirt, maroon tie, red brocade vest under a deep burgundy Tuxedo/smoking jacket with well fitted finely checked Mod trousers and tan hand made Italian boots.
"Perfect!" exclaimed Jenny, the producer as I entered the set. It pays to read the production notes.
I also slipped into my pocket a precautionary but well concealed hip flask - why do the call it a hip flask? My flask tends to sit inside the breast pocket of my jacket, dinner or otherwise. The end result was - sartorial elegance! lol... I do love any excuse to 'dress' up.

As I tend to to do, I arrived in at Flinders Street early so I could relax, develop a mood and NOT think too much about what I might want to say so I popped into Young and Jacksons and had an excellent pint of Guinness and a steak sandwich. I was served by a lovely young lady with an equally lovely if not delicious Irish brogue. There is a lyrical poetry in the Irish accent that makes even the most simple phrases kind of intoxicating.
I strolled up to the Arts Center, still fashionably early - to me the height of fashion is NOT to keep people waiting - and was heartily greeted by Ian McFarlane who happened 'on call' waiting to be hauled on downstairs to conduct the interview.
After a fond embrace he asked where Cathy was, as he assumed we'd arrive together. I explained, though the idea had crossed my my mind to hook up first. But seeing as how it had been so long since we'd caught up, perhaps the joy of our 'reunion' would be better off caught on film during the interview rather than us having already settled 'debriefed' in a bar or coffee shop.
What a wonderful time we had.
Lights were lit, mikes were clipped and concealed, Jenny O'Meara and Olivia, as well as the rest of the crew made us feel so comfortable and at home. Chardonnay, tea coffee were offered.
Seeing Cathy Green was everything I'd hope for and expected. An embrace can convey more history than a bookshelf of novels and essays. So much exchanged in so little time and without a single word.
It was like reuniting with a long lost sister. The memories and the chemistry fired up and the vibe in the room was simply brilliant.
The purpose for the interview was for archival referencing as much as anything else... very reminiscent of Beat Box, if you are old enough to remember that show.
The stories and anecdotes flew thick and fast. Ian McFarlane was beside himself with barely contained joy. He got so excited at one point I had to give him a nip or two from my flask to help compose himself.
Cathy and I bounced of one another, correcting or adding to stories... about our excursion into ballroom dancing among other things. (Yes Cathy and I took up ballroom dancing when Ian got into his golfing craze and while Amanda, my partner at the time, was still going to Vic College of the Arts doing her degree in fine arts).
We talked about gigs, disastrous and victorious, of interpersonal relationships, and of course of Ian Rilen, Steve Cafiero, Ian Krahe, Lobby Lloyd and so many others connected both with the times and the band's evolution.
No-one wanted it to stop. Indeed, we went way over the allotted time... Cathy and I did some shots for Ian McFarlane's new book, the second (expanded) edition of the most reliable and important tome, The Encyclopedia of Australian Rock and Pop. And then too suddenly,goodbye... Embraces and thank yous all round... what to do?
So i walked to Collins Street and met up with Joey and we went out for a cocktail or two, had dinner in China Town then scurried through the rain to Parliament Station and caught the train back to 'The Glen' and home via a certain yogurt shop, mmmm, so many flavours., and then home.

How many lives can a man have? Having to talk so much of the past and the present of late I can count many! Interesting how the simple notion of doing a Best Of X Early Years has brought past, present and future colliding into and careering off of one another leaving me bemused if not slightly dazed and somewhat bewildered by it all.
Written press, radio... hosting RAGE (which will most likely screen in September) and now this chance to sit with Cathy to be filmed talking about X and the rest, to contribute to the archives...

I could simply sum up by saying that right now, I am a happy man.
That would be the equivalent to saying the moon is a shiny thing in the sky. There is so much more to it. I ache - believe me I ache. Doing X in my 20's and 40's was hard enough (physically) - but doing all that at 60 is a very real challenge. Add to that the emotional depths I need plumb during every show, the psychology of the interaction between myself, the audience, and most importantly my fellow band members... well it is exhausting. I kid you not, I can barely walk! But I know come Saturday, once I board that plane waiting to take me to Brisbane and arrive for the show at The Triffid, the adrenaline will kick in, my heart will pump into overdrive and I will be ALIVE! I can't wait. low-v backless cocktail party wears
take care,