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*Does It Make Sense?*

Three friends had an accident in a car and became unconscious. A stranger got to the scene and wanted to call for help. He had no phone. *There were six mobile phones in the accident car but all had password on them*.
They all died as a result....!

A pregnant lady collapsed at home with her little daughter. The little girl had no idea of what was happening but saw her mother gasping for air. *She picked her mother's phone to call her Daddy but there was a password on the phone*. long floor-length wears for girls
She lost her life.....!

Whose fault?

*My advice is this.*
You are too precious than the information you are securing on your phone.

Only put password on your WhatsApp, Text messages, Facebook, files, etc and leave the call side free. You may one day save your life or the life of your loved ones.

*The password on your phone can be your death warrant.*

Think twice.

A message worth spreading.....creating awareness is real HUMANITY than sympathising or emphathising on the situation....