long and white pieces to wear

Grandfather Bear-Tata Oso, an Apache- Mexika Medicine Man said the following words while leading a Sweat Lodge, Inipi, or Temascal Ceremony.“I am proud to call ...myself an Indio (Indian). I am an Indian. I am a Red Man, Yo soy Indio, Yo soy Hombre Rojo”.
These words were spoken in the Ceremony on the Aguaje de La Tuna Kumyaii Indian Reservation near Tecate B.C., Mexico, at the Spring EquinoxCeremony in March 2012.
There were about 30 people in the sweat lodge including men, women and children. The leader of the sweat lodge, Grandfather Bear-Tata Oso, said the following: “There are some that think the word Indio (Indian) is a bad word and that we should call ourselves Native Americans or other words. This is not true,
“A mi la palabra Indio quiere decir “En Dios.” “To me, the word Indio means “in God.”
There are some in here that are Indios (Indians) and have Red Hearts. There are some in here that are Indios (Indians) that have White Hearts. There are some White People in here that have Red Hearts. There are White people with White Hearts; however, none of them are with us. What do we mean by that? Creator created 4 colors or races of man. These are the 4 colors of maiz (corn) : red, white, yellow and black. The color of the skin makes no difference because we are all created equal by Creator. long and white pieces to wear
The Lakota say “Mitakuye Oyasin” (all my relations). We are all one in the eyes of the Great Mystery, Creator, Wantan Tanka, and Ometeotl. We are all a small part of Creator. The color of the skin is meaningless. The color of the Heart is a different thing.
The Indio (Indian) with a Red Heart remembers that he or she belongs to the Earth and the Earth does not belong to them. The Indio remembers that he was placed and on Earth to care for the Earth, her water, air, the skin or surface including the rocks, the mountains and the mineral resources of Earth, the plants, the animals, the birds, the fish and the creepy crawly ones that are all part of Mother Earth and each other.
The Way of the Red Heart is the way of peace. It is a way of caring for and respecting all our Brothers and Sisters on Earth. The people with Red Hearts also respect all the elements of Mother Earth: air, water, fire and the earth herself.
The Way of the White Heart is the way of greed, the destruction of Earth for short-term gain and war. It is a way of materialism.
The White Heart says “I own that piece of property, that car, that home, whatever.” Those with White Hearts say that they own the air space, water, and land. They say “We can build large, high fences to keep the Indio and anyone we do not like out. We are superior to them.”
The Indio with a Red Heart says “Creator owns that piece of property. It is mine to care for.” There is a very marked lack of possessiveness among those with the Red Heart.
The White Heart teaches that one should distrust or even despise anyone with a different color of skin, different language, different culture or different religion (particularly non-Christian religions) and immigrants.
The Red Heart realizes that We Are All One and that we are all a small part of the Creator of the Universe. We are not separate.
The people of the Red heart live in a hoop, a circle. No one stands in front of them, no one stands behind them, and no one stands above or below them. All are one and equal.
“The time has come,” say the Elders of the Red Men, “to release the teachings of Red Road (La Via Roja) to all people. We need to teach all about the Red Heart of love, compassion, peace, trust, caring for all people”.
This is extremely important at this time since the rising of the Fifth Sun – The Return of Light is occurring now. The New Sun is gradually arising and shining on Earth at this time. This is the year The Return of Light. In order to enter the Fifth World or the Fifth Sun, we must cultivate the Red Heart. It is our choice. The time is now to decide.
The Via Roja the Red Road is the ONLY way to survive the troubles that we on Earth face at this time.
Many Indios or Red Men have forgotten who they are and why they are on Earth. They have developed White Hearts. Their hearts are filled with greed, jealousy, envy and materialism. Many Red Men are discovering who they really are and why they are on Earth at this time. They are becoming Beings of Light.
Many White, Black and Yellow people are also discovering the Red Way. They are learning that they have Red Hearts and are letting their lights shine.
This is not a Religion. This is a Spiritual Teaching. The Red Road has Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and members of many other religions as participants.
Many indigenous groups in all parts of the world follow the Red Road and have for generations. This is not to say that indigenous cultures cannot be greedy, patriarchal or warlike peoples. Some are.
The Red road does not require that you participate in Native American Ceremonies or wear Indian cloths. It is a way of the heart. As soon as enough lights shine, darkness will disappear from Earth.
The Light we have been awaiting for so long is returning! A glorious World is emerging!
We are the people we have been waiting for!
We are the people we have been expecting!
Dr. Arthur Cushman, Arturo Luminoso, Quetzal Tlaneztia.