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Coach/Mommy/Biz Confession Time

My yellow light has been REALLY fucking dim lately.

It has been for months, now. And I just realized it tonight.


What's a yellow light?
An expression my sis and I have for that time period when you go from feeling good about something (usually someone else's behaviour or a situation) to 'meh' about it to downright pissed off.

Ideally, we have a long enough yellow light period to not only recognize that we don't feel good about something anymore but ALSO kindly communicate this change in our feelings to those involved in the situation &/or in our immediate vicinity. light blue items to wear of the prom

Just like in traffic, the yellow light is there to warn that things are about to change. I.e. those cars that are moving will soon have to stop at an intersection.

You know, so we don't inadvertently blindside someone with a melt-down. Or a temper tantrum. Or a flood of frustrated tears.

Right before I had my mini meltdown tonight, I had a semi-conscious thought whizz through my mind that my yellow light was super short-lived.

But I was wrooooong.

My yellow light wasn't flashing so briefly that hubby just missed it (why was he always DOING that, anyway???).

It was on SO DAMN DIM a setting that he just plain couldn't see it.
For ages.

And this means that either a) he wasn't looking for it, or b) he was looking, but I wasn't putting it out there in a way he could recognize.

Now if it's a), we have a relationship issue to work on.

But if it's b), it's not his fault. At all. He isn't a mind-reader.

The quality of my yellow light is all on me.

So it's time for some maintenance!

How bright is YOUR yellow light??

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