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As the fundraiser is fast approaching we have been in more detailed contact with the Oregon Cancer Foundation. As you all know we had originally been planning to donate proceeds from this event to them, however, as of now we have made the decision to change those plans. We do definitely support Cancer research, however, the Oregon Cancer Foundation does not have any plans to do any research with Cannabis and/or it’s byproducts. It is because of this reason we have decided to make our donations directly to the Canna Community fighters that walk amongst us instead.

We have chosen three different recipients for this year’s fundraiser. We know there are many others out there fighting their own battles but this year we will be focused on these individuals. All three, along with their families, have taken on the roles of helping promote Cannabis therapy. They are proof that Cannabis not only can extend ones life but it can also also greatly improve their quality of life while they are still fighting. We are in awe of their dedication and want nothing more than to stand and fight along with them.

First up is Maddie. Maddie is a 4 years old beautiful little girl who is living with a rare congenital disorder called Zellweger Syndrome. The doctors placed Maddie on hospice in 2015. Her family started her on Cannabis treatment and has since wowed everyone with her progress. Maddie went from having several seizures a day before Cannabis treatment to actually going over 100 days seizure free after treatment began. You can read and learn about her by going to her Facebook page: Madelines Whole Plant Journey.

Our second recipient is Miracle Manny. Manny is a sweet, bright and thoughtful 18 month old little boy who lives with Cerebral Palsy. He is alive today because of Cannabis. Manny’s mother was on hospice before cannabis and has had an amazing recovery including infertility. Manny’s birth was traumatic as well as premature. Both mother and baby nearly died. Manny endured nearly 10 minutes without enough oxygen. Children with his level of oxygen deprivation should not be functional. Manny got cannabis oil through his mother’s breast milk for two months. Cannabis oil has been demonstrated to help those with brain injuries such as Cerebral Palsy. Manny’s family want to continue Cannabis therapy to further heal him. They also want to raise awareness and advocate for canna therapy. To learn more about Miracle Manny you can find him by going to his Facebook profile Miracle Manny. items to wear in the fall of the wedding

And last but certainly not least our third recipient is someone that many of you may know. Debra Cooper is a the founder of The Cooper House Save a Child program. She has dedicated her love and compassion to help children in the Canna community and non cannabis community with whatever she is asked. She has arthritis in her hands and it has gotten to where she can barley use them; stopping her from doing what she has done for years. There is a surgery that insurances won’t cover that can get those magical hands of hers back in working order so that she can continue to stand hand in hand with the little people and The Cooper House Saves. You can learn more about both Debra and the foundation by going to this Facebook page: The Cooper House Save a Child Program

Let us all as a community come together and help these families that are fighting to live the best life they can. Not only do they have the typical daily struggles to manage they also have medical struggles, pain and suffering. They are friends in our community that we will be able to see directly how your donations help them. Please take the time to read about each recipient’s journey and learn more about the struggles they face. You will be able to meet each of them at the campout, see, and hear firsthand about their struggles.
The moneys raised will be divided between them to help cover medical costs for Maddie, Manny and surgery for Debra as well as to Debra’s foundation which donates cannabis oil to children fighting cancer. Any and all donations will be greatly accepted. Anything you can afford to give will make a difference to these individuals. Let us all stand up and fight together alongside these brave souls.

75% of money rasied go to the fundraiser and the other 25% well go to the 2018 Cannabis vs Cancer Campout.

Thank you in advance and we’ll see you at the Campout!