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Post to all of my mommy friends and mommies to be!!
I'm a mom to 5 beautiful kiddos..
Most of you that know me personally know that I'm a big supporter of breastfeeding and I have successfully breastfed 5 kids and altogether around 6+ years total.. BUT I have always told my mommy friends or mommies to be that if it's stressing you too much to the point you aren't a happy mom and it's robbing you of your motherhood don't do it!! Get some formula and bottles and enjoy your time with your baby! Hey, when they're 1 we are gonna be shoving happy meals and quick chocolate milk down their bottles anyways so what does it matter anyways? Chips, coke, cookies, candy bars.. life goes on and the kid stuff comes! If your milk can't come in and your baby needs to eat.. OH WELL.. food is food.. starving your baby isn't an option!! Being a GOOD MOM isn't giving your baby the breast over formula.. it's giving them YOU! Happy, healthy, content.. QUALITY YOU TIME!!! Bonding with your baby! NOW! I do personally prefer the bond with breastfeeding because it's the way we were intended to feed our baby.. but sometimes God chooses a different path for us.. so we take it! ???? Now.. Easton was born and I had the pleasure of nursing him for 2 weeks.. 1 feeding a day and giving him my breast milk in a bottle until his suck and swallow instinct better developed.. BUT.. he wasn't gaining weight and we had to quit all together. Yes.. it broke my heart and I thought I wasn't going to bond with him the same way as the other babies..maybe he wouldn't "feel" as happy or loved.. NO.. he's JUST as happy.. if not more and I have been able to feed skin to skin contact with him and I've never had any better bonding times than with him feeding his bottle staring into my eyes smiling at me!! Now he sucks his little fingers while feeding connected to his g-tube and I get to rest and make him giggle and love him! At the end of the day.. nursing was KILLING my baby! He wasn't growing, failing to thrive and wouldn't have made it! Similac neosure saved my babies life! Breast feeding don't make you super mom, it don't make you better than the mom that gets up at 4am that's trying so hard to work a full time job and take care of children too and a home because 1 salary wasn't enough to meet bills on hers and her husbands budget and her milk dried up because of anxiety trying to do everything and cover all of the bases and have to mix formula and wait for it to warm and then sit for 30 mins and feed a baby.(breastfeeding The milk is always there and is warm and ready! I can feed the baby from the comfort of my bed! And under 10 mins because the amount of milk I make.. bottle feeding taking so long has driven me NUTS high quality trendy wedding collections in a low budget ???? )
Then there's the mom that made the decision to nurse because she couldn't afford formula and had to nurse because they couldn't get any help with formula.
I've been on both sides of the fences and I've always supported both.. but I just wanted to show that I've raised a VERY happy boy that couldn't live on breastmilk and is SO healthy and happy on formula and it's given me rest with the 5 children I have and 3 under 3. Now, if I were to get pregnant again I would choose to breastfeed.. but it's my preference. BUT.. after the ease of this I MAY bottle feed some!!
ANYWAY!! Just wanted to share! Don't be discouraged if you can't nurse! Breastfeeding don't define you.. a baby that drinks, poops, pees and smiles is a good day.. THAT MAKES YOU SUPER MOM! ???? ???? ??