grey colored items to wear of the prom

Episode 2
Chapter 15
Chapter 14
Uhhmm Keamogetswe I said starring at his wonderful smile
Him: thank u once again.Not every person has a kind heart like u have
I smlied
We where soo caught up in our own world starring at each other until Thando cleared her throat
We quickly removed our eyes
She chuckled
Me: Ohhh Thando this is Bandile and Bandile this is Thando my best friend
Thando was smilling
Her: ohhh Hi
Him: Hey beautiful,he thren stared back at me
Him: Keamogetswe can I have your number
Me: uhhmm I ...
Thando: Ohhh come on.I know them by heart here they are
She took his phone and typed them
I just couldn't believe Thando right now
Bandile chucked then bid us goodbye
Me: Geez Thando how dare u
Her: spare me the lecture,he's good,I saw how u look at him which shows that u like him
A smile escaped my face
She started screaming
I chuckled
Me: geez come down
We settled our bill then left
Next day Sunday
I was busy cooking when my phone rang
Me: Hello...
Person: Hey how are you
My blood just rushed to another level when I heard his voice
Me: uhhhm it's you and I am good and yourself
Him: great...
We agreed on going out for lunch the next day
Next day
I was from my classes very exhausted so I took a nap since it was early and I will be meeting with Bandile around 18:00....I woke up and took my relaxing bath then wore my black jeans and my blue shirt with my white sandles...I did my hair and light make-up.I looked beautiful and simple as Thando said. grey colored items to wear of the prom
I drove to where we where meeting
I arrived and found him outside the restaurant smoking.He quickly throw the cigarette and came to me and we hugged...He smelt wonderful
Him: how are you
Me: just okay
He held my hand and we both walked in.I kinda felt awkward honestly.And one thing I noticed about him is that he is free spirited..He is not shy nor forward but outspoken and bubbly
We just finished ordering our drinks which I was drinking coke and he odered Heineken
Him: you look wonderful
I blushed
Me: Thank You,you not bad yourself
He was wearing jeans with grey shirt and black sneakers..he looked cute in a way
Him: let me cut things short for u
I am Bandile Xulu originally from Cape Town...I grew up in Eldanaro Soweto with my Foster mother.26 years old
I am lawyer,lives in Greenstone "alone"...Have a baby girl namely Kendra 4 years old,lives with my mother in Eldanaro separated with her mother and won the custody.
That's pretty much all
Me: Keamogetswe 20 years old,originally from Durban and grew up in Durban...moved in Johannesburg 3 years ago and lived with my parents.Currently studying and living with my best friend at our small apartment.
That's all
I felt like it was enough of me,I wasn't confortable in going all deep and tell him my problems.
We continued chatting,he seemed very nice and real and also I loved his honesty and the fact that he told me about his daughter straight up,not every guy does that
Hours later we both left and went our separate ways.
3 weeks passed
Things have been going pretty well,school I'm doing good,my counselling sessions are going well.Thando is in love and happy and Bandile and I are wonderful friends,we have been getting closer lately.I enjoy his company he enjoys mine too.
It was Saturday
Bandile invited me to his house,he was having a braai.I asked Thando to accompany me and she agreed.
I was lieng in bed just finished bathing when my phone rang
It was Bandile
Me: Hey you
Him: Hi Amo (he calls me that) are u still coming?
Me: Yes
Him: great I will text u the details
Me: ok great bye
I got dressed in my long tight high weisted blue Jeans,wore my black neck long sleeved shirt and my caramel heals.I tiedied my braids into a neat bun and applied my nude lip gloss.
I checked myself in the long mirror and I looked very wonderful...
I took my black bag and we both left
I got lost some few times and after a while we arrived outside this beautiful House...We found Bandile waiting for us outside...
We all hugged
Him: you guys look soo good and fancy
We mumbled thanks and walked in
The house was just normal and it wasn't crowded just few people
There where few people sitting outside chatting and listening to soft music
We went where they where sitting and he introduced us
There where like 6 guys and 4 ladies
Him: Guys this is Keamogetswe and her friend Thando
The guys whistled
Him: Ohhh and they are both taken in case u thought maybe u where gonna score
He introduced us to them and most of the where coloureds which I figured out they are family or something
We settled down and they kept asking us lots of questions.
Later on I was now confortable,they where kind towards us,bubbly
I was busy talking to Brian Bandi's best Friend
Him: so u are thr famous Keamogetswe
I chuckled
Me: uhhm well yeah
Him: he's been talking about you lately
Me: good things I hope
Him: wonderful things,u seem like a good person
Me: but u just met me
Him: I know what I'm talking about I can see through you
One thing I noticed about Brian is that he is very flirty and smooth 'a smooth talker' physical apperence is he's light "coloured" small eyes and thick pink lips,tall and stylish
Bandile came to us while we where busy talking
Him: I don't trust u near her
Brian chuckled
Brian: relax,I've been scouring you points
Bandi chuckled he took my hand and helped me up
Him: let's go inside,to get u my jersey
It was kinda cold outside so I needed a warm jersey and I noticed Thando sitting with the guys wearing a sweater and smoking hubbly....
The house was just very simple and clean,we walked in his room which was very big and specious.It was an En-suite White with a touch of black.
I sat down in his small couch
Him: choose any kind u want at the second left drawer from your left hand....he disappeared in the bathroom.I stood up and opened the drawer,I took his red Nike sweater
I let my hair loose and wore the jersey.I noticed a picture at his bed side,I walked to it and looked at it.It was him and this little girl with an old women smiling.
He walked in as I was busy staring at the picture
Him: That is Kendra and my mother
Me: They look good and Kendra looks a lot like you
Him: uhhm yeah,you look good,the jersey suites u perfectly well
I blushed
Me: Thank You
We both walked outside
I went to sit with Brian and his girlfriend Buhle and Lindo Bandi's other friend
More of his friends came and the more we drank.
I was cuddle with Bandi sitting in the single couch,chatting and drinking when Thando came to us crying
I quickly stood up
Bandile was also surprised
Me: What's wrong
Her: I wanna go home Keamogetswe
Me: but I ...
Her: now dammit now
She walked outside
I started panicking
Bandi: what's wrong with her
Me: Your friends must have done something to her,she won't just cry for no reason
Him: uhhhm talk to her,I will go talk to my friends,u won't drive in this state
I quickly went outside and found Thando,sitting alone crying
I went to hug Her tightly
Me: Thando talk to me
Her: I I I wanna go home
Me: We won't drive in this state,I am tipsy Thando
Her: Then I am not sleeping here next to that monster.I will call a cab
Me: Thando what's wrong
She stood up and called the cab
What the hell is wrong with her.......