green color selections for cocktail

Enzyme green plum teach you how to see stool! After eating plum ... belly will ring, or do not stop fart, do not worry that it is because the intestinal peristalsis, then, you will defecation The stool color determines where the toxin is.
1, brown stool: toxins in the liver and cells
2, brown hairy: toxins in the liver, drug or second-hand smoke drug
3, green gray: Toxins in the Prostate: Prostatitis
4, emerald green: toxins in the liver, taking toxins or eating hormone d ... rugs
5, pulp yellow stool: bile toxins, green and yellow with white spots: gallstones
6, dark green stool: kidney toxins, Dark green with white spots: kidney endotoxin: kidney stones
7, off-white stools: mercury poisoning (such as mercury in cosmetics exceeded)
8, gray-black stool: lead poisoning
9, milk yellow stool or foam-like, jelly sample: spleen toxin
10, stool black, clawed sweet fragrance: diabetes
11, stool black, clinging to smelly, a white line: lymphotoxin 12, Sucang clawed with blood: intestinal inflammation, ulcers 13, red stool: high blood lipids 14, pink stool: gynecological toxins 15, stool water samples (diarrhea-like): skin diseases, joint disease, rheumatism 16, succulent with strings, clawed green, the sun a photo, sparkling: Heavy metal poisoning green color selections for cocktail
17, the stool into a bark-like or rubber-like: a long history of constipation.

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