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I heard Chester Bennington killed himself.

Some would say it's foolish of him to kill himself like that.

But he was abused when he was a kid and somethings never go away in life I guess.

There was a time when this girl threw me under the bus for everything that happened while trying to date.

She told everyone as if I tried to sort of rape her and she she trash talked on my back.

I used to blame myself for everything that happened and I did and truth be told, I did actually think about suicide.

I have hated sex offenders my entire life and I couldn't stand being reflected as one of them to everyone I knew.

For a long period of time, I had trouble sleeping and I began to avoid being in any kind of relationship with people.

It took me about three years to finally realize what I have actually done wrong and the things that I'm not really responsible for.

I used to be someone who blames everything on me but I finally came to know that it is not true.

I used to believe it's a good attitude towards life to live like that but it really is not because this world is packed with wonderful people, but also there's a same ratio of weird people too.

Also, looking at the lives of people who always dump trash on someone else, they're not living a really good life after all.

They still have same issues with their lives and they're still blaming someone else.

I don't really hate her or anyone who did the same in my life, it's just they disgust me.

I did picture myself going to her in front of those people and telling them this is actually what happened and she's like this right in front of her face but neither her or those people who really needed something to chew on to get out of their boring life don't deserve to have any type of my affection or attention at all. garments to wear that looks sexy in the cocktail

I am actually happy that it worked like a filter to get rid of people that I don't really want to have around me.

However, it's sad that these people are still affecting good people in a bad way.

I really wish whatever tough things you are going through, you will be able to dig your way out of it.

Because dirty you might feel about yourself now, if you just get out of there and try to focus on good things in life, you will realize that those things are actually the things that are not even worth a single attention of your life.

Also, you will learn that these people are not really worthy to be thinking of everyday because instead there are tons of really good people out there you can think of or be friends with.

I really wish peace and happiness in your lives.