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Whiten your teeth:
Every week someone will comment on how white my teeth are. Pretty cool right? Well I've been doing the SAME THANG for over 15 years- gargling with peroxide. Every morning I get up, head to the bathroom and gargle with teaspoon of peroxide (diluted with water-.5 teaspoon) for about 5 minutes, usually in the shower. Then I brush my teeth with any toothpaste that includes peroxide + baking soda. I love gargling with peroxide because not only does it whiten you formal evening selections with affordable price ... r teeth but it cleans your entire mouth! It's great for removing stains & bacteria + disinfecting small cuts in your mouth + it's a great antiseptic mouth rinse.

The whitening doesn't happen over night, but it happens and it has lasted me longer than any white strips or going to the dentist!!!!

Look at how white my teeth are in this video- LOL!!!!

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