empire style wedding wears with high waist

Happy Birthday, Andrew. We had a birthday "party" lunch and dinner in David's room today to celebrate Andrew turning 3. The party was pretty low key involving a balloon, 3 cupcakes, and some pizza for dinner, but the little guy was still overwhelmed with joy at the celebration. We are so grateful for the little guy and all the fun that he brings our family. Elianna has said it well, "Our life would be much more boring without Andrew."

David's still not feeling great and had a hard time with all the commotion. The last two days, David kept getting really close to severe with high fevers, rising heart rates, and quite a bit of confusion, but then just as he was getting us nervous, he would get better. So it is nice to get David out of bed, interacting a bit, and eating food. His fevers have decreased in frequency and severity but are still there along with general fatigue and malaise with periodic episodes of severe headaches requiring pretty high-dose Dilaudid. Nevertheless, it looks like the cytokine release syndrome (CRS) is resolving, and the neurologic symptoms appear to be have peaked and are resolving as well, albeit a bit slower. His immune system is still severely suppressed from the conditioning chemo and treatment, so it is good that we are in the bone marrow transplant (BMT) unit. The oncologist has stressed that getting sick again in the near future (even just a simple virus) may reinitiate CRS requiring hospitalization. So now we just wait until he is fever free, rising ANC (neutrophil count), and weaned from the IV pain medications. There is probably a remote chance we could get out of the hospital this weekend, but it will likely be early next week. This would only be because we live a mile from the hospital and can get back quickly; so we will have to be in California for at least another couple weeks (with trips back every few weeks), but this could easily go longer. For now, one day at a time. empire style wedding wears with high waist

We are so grateful to mom (Debbie Mellberg) who traveled from Mexico and has lived with us here, working hard behind the scenes to make the back-and-forth from the hospital so much easier. Today was a unique day with the whole family in the hospital much of the day, and it was a bit stressful and hyperstimulating to David who's body and CNS are still pretty stressed. Mom, we couldn't have done this so smoothly without you. And then, we also have to say thank you to those of you who have shared gift cards, sent toys, or other gifts. Thank you. It's actually pretty awesome that our phones start to blow up with texts, emails, and messages when we delay on posting an update. That so many people are united behind is a bit overwhelming, never taken for granted, and greatly appreciated. Finally, thank you, Lord, for answering our prayers affirmatively to get David through CRS and sustaining us in the midst of it. Please make these CAR-T cells continue to expand and then persist, keeping the leukemia away with minimal side effects.