elegant wedding selections with lace sleeves

Good Morning BKT2!

Living abroad, with my two kids is the gift that keeps on giving. OMG!

Why I continue to forget that I live with a future chemist, I don't know. But for my blunder, instead of gargling with peroxide, as I like to do, I got a mouth full of some liquid, soapy concoction that my daughter, "the Chemist", has cooked up in my peroxide bottle. elegant wedding selections with lace sleeves


The young Queen's innocent response to this soapy crime, "Well mom, didn't you see the bubbles in the bottle, before you tried to gargle with it?"

My reply, "No I did not. What is it this time?"

Ariel: Oh I'm figuring out a formula for my own natural hand soap.

Oh well, all I KNOW is one of these experiments that litter my bathroom, her room and my kitchen better pay off! I'm going to need some dividends for pain and suffering. I'm living with a mad scientist abroad! Help!!!!

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