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How to defrost a frozen chicken breast

You have just realised that you forgot to get the chicken breast out of the freezer and you are about to make dinner. Now what? You could just swear a bit and then have something else. Unless of course that needed defrosting too!

Whenever I look at product packaging for things that can be frozen it nearly always says thaw in the fridge overnight or sometimes for 24 hours. I could stave to death. There must be easier ways.


You could try a very low heat in the oven or microwave but device instruction books say very little about how long it should take. Leave a product for too long and/or at too high a temperature and it will start to cook. This is not a good idea.

The solution for frozen chicken breasts

After a few experiments I decided that neither method was good for frozen chicken breasts. My solution was very simple. Get a large glass bowel and put the wrapped chicken breast into it. If the frozen chicken breast is not water tight wrapped put it into a sealed waterproof ziplock bag.

Now fill the bowel with cold water. No cheating by using hot or even warm water it must be cold. Let the cold tap run for a minute or two. Now turn off the water and leave it for about 15 minutes - then pour away the water and repeat. For a typical 140g-180g chicken breast it should take less than an hour. You know it's defrosted when you can gently bend the chicken breast at any point without resistance. (The principle works with most other types of frozen meat too). boho chic wedding selections

This method may delay your dinner by an hour but that better's than 24 hours or a potentially negative reaction in the stomach area.

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