antique wedding dresses

Here are some additional photos of an antique Victorian silk wedding dress I've listed for salvage, particularly for doll costumers. More details in the actual listing. It's a fabulous dress and with the exception of the sheer silk overlay on the skirt it could have been wearable. The sheer silk billows loosely over high quality cream silk-satin fabric which the skirt, bodice and sleeves are made of then decorated with the sheer silk. The heavier silk satin is the ideal weight for the smooth jacket style dresses typically seen on Bru dolls. The silk skirt is gathered to a fitted 26" waistband and falls about 30" long into a hem measuring about 70" circumference. It has gored panels with plenty of width in each to work with. The sleeves are covered in delicately ruched gathers on the outer edge the length of the arm up to the leg o' mutton puffy shoulders. Has one silk satin shoulder bow, a double bow at the front waist, a larger bow at the center back. One shoulder bow is missing. All of the ruffles are trimmed with a double row of narrow silk ribbon. The ruffles are made of the sheer silk fabric as in the overlay skirt/sleeves/bodice so there are places on the ruffles where the fabric is split and edges frayed. The yoke has delicately gathered sheer silk over the fitted heavier silk bodice. Closes in back with hooks and eyes. The sheer silk in the skirt may have some salvage value in places but the most use will be from the bodice and the underskirt. There is one stain on the underskirt about 2" long. I found no damage to the underskirt. Beautiful color and texture. Offered as is for salvage. antique wedding dresses