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When tragedy comes into our lives, we wonder why...Why would God let this happen to a child, to my child, to me, to my wife?! There are no answers good enough to make it better. To make you less sad. To fill the void left in your heart. As a Dad, do I grieve for my child who has left me too soon? Do I grieve for my wife who built this baby boy and bonded with this baby boy from the time of conception? Well, I grieve for my son who had to endure the toughest 15 days that ... anyone could imagine. I miss him. His little hands grabbing my finger. His eyes opening the first time. His little tiny mouth suckling a swab with Mom's milk on the tip of it. His smell...

I grieve for my wife who has a bond with my son that I could never know. She is the best mother. She would not leave the bedside of Winston. She would call every few hours from her room to see if there were changes...good or bad. She asked questions all of the time. She journaled his daily stats. She was so strong...she is AMAZING. Will this ever pass, do you ever forget? NO....It doesn't and NO don't! How do I fix this for her? I can't...but I can say this. It will make us stronger!

I will use my Son blessing all of us as motivation and fuel to move forward. Fuel to show others that God has a plan for us. God gave us Winston early so that we may have time to love him and know him. 15 days to make sure that WE felt a love that was unimaginable. Others? so fortunate. They may miscarry...they may have a stillborn baby, but we were given a gift. I was given the gift of God allowing me to pray my baby boy into the hands of Jesus. That my friends is something that I pray happens to nobody, but that in itself gives me peace. Dorris Wedding gold color wears for flower girl

Everyone should grieve a loss like this, but at the same time let if fuel you! Let it make you stronger. Winston was a fighter! Be a fighter! Don't let anything keep you down and find that drive in yourself that honors your Winston. He will never be forgotten. He will never be quiet. He will always be my reason. He is my Warrior! --- Dad

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