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God has been so evident and so present in the midst of all of this chaos. God never fails to remind me of how big He is. The magic number in the NICU for babies to start wearing clothes is 1.5 kilos. At this weight, babies are generally able to regulate their own temperatures. Liam has had an outfit hung in his room waiting for him to be big enough to wear it. He is a ways from weighing that much so we thought we were a good month or so away from finally getting to put clothe ... s on him. With that being said, I was extremely surprised when his nurse said she had turned his bed down to room temperature and that his temp was holding steady... And even more surprised when she said he could start wearing clothes. This would be a big, exciting thing any day. But because it happened today, I was reminded of how present God is. Today was the day that the funeral home picked up Noah to get him prepared for tomorrow. The same sleeper that Liam has had hung in his room is the same sleeper that I chose to have Noah buried in. So today, my sweet identical twin boys both got to wear their matching outfits. While this is in no way how I imagined it or wanted it, I am completely blown away at how big our God is. I am continuously amazed by how present He has been with us through this difficult, difficult time.
When we planned Noah's service, we planned it when we thought Liam would be "out of the woods." I wanted to be able to focus on Noah and not have to worry so much about Liam. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned. We still don't know what is going on with Liam's gut, so tomorrow morning he has to go down for an upper GI study. This is similar to the contrast study, but this will show exactly what is happening from his stomach through his intestines. We hate that this falls on the day of Noah's service, but we are hopeful that we will finally get some answers. And while I would be lying if I said I wasn't fearful about what happens tomorrow and what will be found, I have peace knowing that God is with my baby when I can't be. Please be in prayer for Alex and I as we lay Noah to rest and please pray for positive news for Liam tomorrow. Dorris Wedding corset styled item used for wedding situation

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